Getting Back To Work
and discovering better job opportunities

Getting Back
 to Work

and discovering better job opportunities

Job Jumpstart Workshops

We know that finding a new job can be stressful! So through our partnership with Cincinnati Works we’ll help you sharpen the skills needed to impress your future employer. Through this two-day workshop you’ll discover:

  • Why a quality job application is so important
  • How your person presentation can make an impact so you stand out in a crowd
  • Tips for building your resume
  • Where you can go to find a job and who can help you

Participants who complete this workshop will receive a $50 gas card and access to work ready clothing along with one-on-one coaching from a Care Center Job Coach.

Job Coaching

A Job Coach can support you as you look to get back to the workforce by aiding in job search, resume building, interview skills and navigating the workplace. We’ll walk alongside you with the goal of helping you keep one job for one year, encouraging you to set goals and overcome the barriers to employment.

Dressed For Work

We want you to feel at your best while job searching and in the first few weeks of employment. Once you have scheduled an interview, you can visit our work ready clothing boutique to pick out an outfit. And just so you’re feeling at your best we’ll also provide a haircut on-site in our salon so that you have a “job ready” appearance needed to ace your interview.

Once your start your new job you can also return to pick out up to 2 additional outfits and receive another haircut to keep you looking at your best.


Wheels knows what it’s like try to find a job, get to work, or even buy groceries or take the kids to the doctor without a car. In this day and age, it’s difficult, almost impossible, to live in Cincinnati without a vehicle. Wheels is a volunteer team dedicated to helping meet the transportation needs of people in our community. The team reconditions donated vehicles and passes them on to qualified recipients in partnership with The Care Center to help people find or keep employment.